About us

aboutCreated as one of the Federal Foreign Office's strategic initiatives to internationalise science and research, the German Centres for Research and Innovation (previously the German Houses for Research and Innovation) encourage and facilitate academic exchange, scientific collaboration, and research & development projects, acting as an active link between government officials, policy makers and representatives of leading German institutions. DWIHs have established their presence in five countries around the world: São Paolo (Brazil), Tokyo (Japan), Moscow (Russia), New York (USA) and New Delhi (India) and are committed to their mission of generating innovative technologies for industry.

The German Centre for Research and Innovation - DWIH New Delhi was inaugurated in October 2012 and is a consortium of 15 German organisations comprising funding organisations, research centres and universities. The main objective of DWIH New Delhi is to promote German research landscape in India, enhance existing research cooperation and strengthen ties between Indian and German academic and scientific communities.

DWIH New Delhi...

  • Provides a platform for showcasing and promoting German contributions to science, research and innovation amongst Indian academics, scientists and researchers.
  • Facilitates joint initiatives and bilateral projects between India and Germany.
  • Assists scholars, young researchers and scientists to engage with German institutions.
  • Acts as an active link between stakeholders and scientific communities in India and Germany.