Professor Oliver Cornelly- Medical Faculty University of Cologne- participates in MICROCON 2017 Ranchi

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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Oliver Cornelly is a Professor of the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne and currently holds the position of Director of Translational Research. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Oliver Cornely, the Translational Platform at CECAD systematically searches for findings from basic research that can be translated into promising clinical projects. He had recently participated in a Conference held in Ranchi called MICROCON 2017 for a period of 5 days, from the 22nd - 26th of November 2017.

MICROCON 2017 had aimed to gather the great minds in the field of microbiology from all corners of India and abroad as well as the budding young scientists together under one roof. Experts from all disciplines of medical microbiology shared their knowledge and experiences in the field of epidemiology, growing concerns of today’s microbes, diagnostics, case management and drug resistance, to name a few. At such a point of time in the evolution of medical microbiology, the MICROCON 2017 was not only an update on the prevalent practices but also give a glimpse of what the future of microbiology holds for all of us. ​

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