Symposium: The Universities of Cologne and Bonn are investigating changes in land use in Africa.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The joint project under the auspices of the University of Bonn and participation of the University of Cologne and the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) investigates changes in land use in rural Africa. The regional research focus of the new Collaborative Research Center is on the Kenyan Rift Valley, the Agricultural Growth Corridor in southern Tanzania, and the transboundary Kavango Zambezi Park in southern Africa. The scientists are investigating how the seemingly contradictory processes of agricultural intensification on the one hand and the expansion of nature conservation areas on the other affect the future change in land use. It involves such diverse phenomena as the use of mobile phones in agricultural advisory services, the use of alternative energies, increased yields and "green growth", but also land conflicts, new diseases and poverty. The German Research Foundation will provide around ten million euros by 2021 for this purpose.

DATE: 9 April 2018

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